about us

A local Non- governmental & non-profit organization founded in Baghdad on 7/7/2014 specialized in demining mines and war debris and unexploded bombs  and the awareness of its risks & the damages that result from it & spreading posters and ads and warning messages and the damages that occur from incurring to those wastes

 The organization has staffs with high efficiency who are specialized and have previously worked with international companies specialized in Deming mines ,also it has partnerships & memorandums of understanding with many companies and international organizations which work in the mine & war debris field according to international standards accredited internationally ,also it has all the fundamental approvals to work in this field and has official authorized certificates from the Iraqi government


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what we do


Awareness of mine risks and war remnants

It is an activity that the organization does for the inhabitant of dangerous areas to increase the awareness, knowledge of mine risks and war remnants, their types, shapes, its effect on the environment and the inhabitant and how to deal with it.



Technical & non-technical scan

Technical scan

It is a research method for contaminated lands and determining its area and boarders and it is considered one of the priorities of pre-Deming operations

Non-technical scan (NTS)

It is the start point of dividing lands and classifying them into risky areas or suspected with or definite, to decrease the size of contaminated lands & knowing the work priorities and it is considered important data for working in demining field .




. Concerning for the environment and persuade to keep it safe of the                       danger of using cluster bombs in disputes

. Clearance for lands cultivated with mines and war remnants and the     identification of the risk of mines & cluster bombs

. Corporation with local governments and persuade the youth to volunteer for      such kinds of activities to disclose risks

. Focus on the victims of cluster bombs who suffer from carelessness & apathy

. Finding job opportunities for the ones who are damaged and are capable of       work ,  with  the corporation of institutions who care for this subject


Mechanical Removal-Manual Removal

Mechanical Removal:

It is done by using machines and equipments that are made for this purpose to insure safety and taking off risk for people

Manual Removal

It is the operation which all unexploaded war debris are lifted throughout to insure the safety of the lands for their users and the mechanism is according to standard procedures with human efforts

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